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Between The Twigs is a story of an Italian dream comes true. A unique mix of nature, creativity and passion born in Milan, Italy, by its founder Silvia Bianchi.


Silvia grew up in a family of Artisans, her uncle is a high-jewellery goldsmith and during Silvia’s childhood he gifted her with some of his creations. From this moment Silvia’s curiosity and passion towards this precious art begun.


During her childhood she devoted her time to the creation of bijoux by using different natural materials, glass beads, shells, toasted wood-like paste, weaving with beads combined with fishing accessories, brass wire and quartz, safety pins, paper clips, rhinestones, crystals and gradually, following the trends of fashion, hippies, punk, rock and pop. She found her passion and started to dream about a future in the jewellery craft world.


After obtaining a diploma in commercial trading and economics in 2008 she decided to finally unleash her creativity and passion to make jewellery inspired by nature.


​Silvia wanted to learn from the best in the sector by studying the skills and techniques at the “Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana” and then improved and completed her journey attending the Jewellery Design course at “Poli.Design” in Milan.

As nature always inspired her creations in 2011 she created with 2 partners, Thaleia (from the Greek “thallein” to sprout) a jewels brand and lab. This brand after 3 years of successful creations and trading was discontinued due to a split with the other partners.

The experience with Thaleia was a springboard for the generation of the late Between the Twigs which is fully owned by Silvia. From Thaleia the sprout has grown into Twigs.


Silvia's other great passions like gardening, an expression of love for nature, and diving as the most authentic way to experience the sea, are fundamental for Between The Twigs’s portfolio creation. Nature takes shape in jewels with the appearance of the branches of seeds, berries, fruits and coral branches, with pearls and precious gems that are the flowers of the Earth. When she puts her creative hat on she loves the excitement of starting with an idea not knowing exactly what it will become, and then, when it is finished, experimenting all over again in an infinite loop. Eventually her creations sprouts out of this creative loop like flowers blossoms out of the twigs.  


With the opening of her own show-room in the city centre of Milan in 2021 her dream became reality.

She loves the sensorial experience of presenting her creation and engaging face to face with the customers.

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