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May  birthstone 


The word "emerald" comes from smaragdos, green gem in ancient Greek.
Ancient Greek and Roman cultures both associated the gemstone with their goddess of love, beauty and fertility, Aphrodite or Venus.

The May birthstone had therapeutic properties which helped gem cutters: they have no better method to restore their eyes than to look at the emerald, its soft green color comforts and takes away their tiredness. Science now proves this belief: the color green relieves stress and eye strain.

The emerald, the May birthstone, has been cherished for millennia, evoking rebirth and renewal.

Widely regarded as the definition of green, emerald is the perfect color for spring.

Variations of this rich green color suggest relaxing, lush gardens. Legend has it that the emerald has the power to make its wearer smarter and wittier. Today is the gem given for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary.

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