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Milan Design Week

from 8 to 11 June 2022

An experiential SPACE inspired by a project conceived by the breathtaking scenarios of nature under the Sea, we present you with a set of jewels mutating from their original forms by the elements of TIME and water.


Refined and vibrant, with a crescendo of volume exuberant color palette, but sometimes when color feels like an intruder it shies away because it feels its presence as inappropriate.


Skillfully combined it unravels the life above and under the sea, with perceptible wonder and amazement, capturing the authenticity full of elements in juxtaposition with the world of luxury.


It's a full discovery, like corners of paradise eluded by haste, designed by gold, precious gems, and pearls.


It is an expression of Love, jewels, nature, and the sea.


We will be delighted to welcome you during the

Milan Design Week,

from Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 June 2022

opening hours

from 11 to 19

Showroom Between the Twigs

via Santa Sofia, 33 Milano

Coral twigs rose gold starfish pearl ring.jpg
Limodoro orecchini argento con sassi e vetri trovati sulla spiaggia.jpg
Coral twigs rose gold open ring .jpg
Limodoro anello oro giallo opale corallo.jpg
Coral twigs yellow gold necklace shell australian pearl pendant.JPG
Collana argento e cordino con sassi, vetri e legni trovati sulla spiaggia.jpg
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