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Silvia Bianchi-Between the Twigs e Limodoro-Agalma.

The Earth and Humanity are experiencing a moment in which Nature and History seem to go hand in hand.

A continuous flow of events, climate changes, earthquakes, fires, flows, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, melting glaciers, in every part of the Earth, violent wars, ethnic wars, aimed at massacre.

Economic, political and dictatorial interests and exploitation of natural resources, parallel to trends that promote lifestyles of luxury, pleasure, aesthetics and appearance.

VANITAS event expresses the ephemerality in two distinct and opposite ways.


The guests will have the possibility to talk with the designers and listen about their creative process.


They will also wear the jewels to better understand the result of the creative process, about their passions and personal skills.

Vanitas rose gold australian boulde opal ring.jpg

The 'Vanity all is Vanity' ring by Between the Twigs celebrates the cycle of life and death. The leaf is a symbol of birth, the flower of growth, the opal is the gem of the Earth, gold is a symbol of wealth and the skull represents the death, the end of Vanity.

Feather yellow gold bicolor tourmalines necklace .jpg

The Piuma necklace, Limodoro-Agalma, in 18 kt yellow gold, and two-tone Tourmaline, from the peacock, symbol of Vanity.

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