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BETWEEN THE TWIGS | Via Santa Sofia, 33 Milan
20 October 2022 | 02.30pm – 7 pm
21-23 October 2022 | 10 am – 01 pm, 02:30 pm – 07 pm

Cocktail Party
BETWEEN THE TWIGS | Via Santa Sofia, 33 Milan
20-21 October 2022 | 06 pm

Glass is the passion that drives the project. Earth, Fire, Air, Water, this is how glass is born.

She is the Fifth Element – Elemglass – transforms the four elements into the Murano glass of her jewels. Creativity that leads us to be part of a world of reflections, lights, transparencies, delicacy and strength, thanks to a material, Murano glass, already in itself so noble, alive and magical. Creativity contaminated by a background in the world of Visual Arts, channeled into the passion for Optical Art, Pointillism and the study of colors. Artistic vision of the jewel that celebrates nature with dreamlike shapes and colors.

About Elemglass

The designer fell madly in love with the glass arts thanks to a glass fusing course at the Abate Zanetti school in Murano. She decided to graduate as a Technical expert in the artistic craftsmanship of glass at the Vetroricerca Glas & amp; Modern school in Bolzano. So in 2015 she opened Elemglass, my lighting and glass fusing studio in Padua; laboratory manager at the Abate Zanetti school, the Designer then continuea as an external collaborator. Elemglass makes art jewels and design accessories.

About Between the twigs

It is a space entirely dedicated to jewelery and to the design of collections and customizable unique pieces, which allows Silvia Bianchi, its founder, the sensory experience to present her creation and involve customers in the narration of each single jewel. The opening of her showroom in the center of Milan in 2021 turns her dream into reality. Literally, among the branches, it is the synthesis of a project that draws inspiration from Nature and its scenarios. Between the Twigs jewels represent what lives above and below the sea, it is simplicity that creates shapes in precious metals and gems, pearls and corals, with continuous research from which objects are never the same, the sum of the passions that guide the project , for nature, for jewels and precious gems.

Elemglass Anemone necklace
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