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5VIE Design Week– Design for Good - presents

Between the Twigs, Daniela Repetto gioielli, Limodoro:


Wearing the Earth

Between the Twigs Via Santa Sofia 33

17.04.2023 - 23.04.2023 dalle ore 11 alle 20


Dressing our bodies with a combination of metals and stones miraculously formed in the heart of the planet, create the perception of harmony with Nature, a hymn to the Earth as a source of life, renewal and rebirth. The Mind and Body connection is the miracle of creativity, celebrated in the artistic expressions. In our era we live constantly connectiong to someone or something, the jewels exibition explore the connections with Nature: Earth Breath, Seasons, Immortality.










Earth's breath

These jewels born from natural materials that have always been used by humans  in his various activities: flint and quartzite worked was carved to create the very first tools of our ancestors.

Today the are used to be protagonists of these gold and silver jewels.

The artistic search lead the designer to use some finds "excavated bronzes", of a recent era, to create jewels full of the charms and the stories they evoke,  reinvented today to embellish those lucky enough to decorate themselves.

Luisa Ferrara


Immortal jellyfish the secret to cheating death

Jellyfish belong to a group called Cnidaria, which also includes sea anemones and corals, they are subject to the cycle of life and death - though one species is known to bend the rules. 

The hydrozoan Turritopsis dohrnii, can actually reverse its life cycle. It has been dubbed the immortal jellyfish

When the medusa of this species is physically damaged or experiences stresses such as starvation, instead of dying it shrinks in on itself, reabsorbing its tentacles and soling the ability to swim. It then settles on the seafloor and develops into a new polyp the jellyfish's previous life stageand after maturing, medusae bud off. The process behind the jellyfish's remarkable transformation is called transdifferentiation and is extremely rare

Silvia Bianchi

Between the Twigs


Jewel made of copper, silver, fired enamels, amazonite, steel.

Autumn played on chromatic nuances. The red, yellow and blue of the enamels are the clearest reference to the mid-season, blue that is taken from the stones and combined with a white sea foam on the elements and on the earth. Copper, silver and amazonites are the raw earth, opposite to the fired enamel.

Materiale:.   Copper, silver, steel fired enamel , amazonite

Daniela Repetto jewelry

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