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Milano Design week 2024 


The theme of Fuorisalone 2024 is “Materia Natura” a suggestion that promotes, through an exploration of the profound connection between these two words, a conscious design culture, highlighting sustainability as guiding principle and fundamental value in the creative and design processes.

Materia Natura is the theme of the Milan Design week 2024 from 15 to 21 April, and is therefore the theme of the event created by four artists/designers/goldsmiths who translate Matter into jewellery. and body ornaments,

Materia is s created by Nature,  Materia is Nature.
Four different statement of the deep connection with Nature, it is the miracle of creativity, celebrated in various artistic expressions.


opening cocktail 

Wednesday April 17th 2024 from 6pm


Thursday 18th Friday 19th Saturday 20th April
from 11am to 8pm

LauraVolpi - Connessioni.jpg

Laura Volpi


bracelet ring, bronze rubies

Silvia Bianchi Betwee the Twigs

Algae 2023

Silvier, necklace

Claudia Isabel Alban

Volcano Tears collection 2023               molten glass, bronze and silver

Luisa Ferrara - Limodoro

Gold garnet rosewood

from Madagascar 2023

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