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September Birthstone


The name “sapphire” comes from the Latin sapphirus and Greek sappheiros,

meaning “blue stone”.. Some believe it originated from the Sanskrit word sanipriya which meant “dear to Saturn.”


The September birthstone has traditionally symbolized sincerity, truth, faithfulness and nobility.

For countless centuries, sapphire has adorned royalty and the robes of the clergy.


The elite of ancient Greece and Rome believed that blue sapphires protected their owners from harm and envy.

Clerics of the Middle Ages wore sapphires because they symbolized Heaven.


Ancient Persians believed the earth actually rested on a giant sapphire, which made the sky blue.

Sapphire gems are found in India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Brazil, Africa, and North America (mainly Montana). Their origin can affect their value as much as color, cut, clarity, and carat size.  

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