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July Birthstone Ruby

Ruby is the July birthstone.

The name is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning “red”,

the color of love and passion. 
Few things catch the eye like the ruby birthstone. 
The finest color of the birthstone for July is a deep red with a hint of purple, called “pigeon’s blood” in the trade

Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum, the same group that includes sapphires and emeralds. 

Estrella de Fura.jpg


In ancient India, ruby was called the “king of precious stones” for its rarity, beauty

and hardness,

second only to diamond,.

Long associated with the life force blood, health, wisdom, wealth and success in love.

The majority of rubies on the market come from East Asia, many of the most famous gems are recovered from Myanmar, the Himalayas, and northern Vietnam.

In june 2023, the Mozambiquan ruby “Estrela de Fura 55.22” was sold for $34.8 million, at Sotheby's auctione, a world record for a ruby and any colored gemstone at auction. 

The 55-carat ruby was a 101-carat rough discovered at Fura Gems’ ruby mine in Mozambique in July 2022, one of the largest ruby deposits in the world.

Rubies of this importance and magnitude are exceedingly rare, the auction house said. Only two examples having ever surpassed $15 million at auction, making the gem’s appearance itself a landmark event.

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